Best Authentic Time Pieces Stores on Ebay with great deals Worldwide.

I love shopping online and went through doing my due diligence and checked some stores in each country and I have found these stores which I want to recommend for your online time pieces shopping.


USAUSA-Flag UK1024px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg GERMANYgerman FRANCEFlag_FranceAUSTRALIAaustralia_textureCANADAFlag_of_Canada.svgSPAINFlag_of_Spain.svgHONGKONG2000px-Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg

Choose your country of origin and shop from them. These stores offers a hassle free return within 30 days from the time you have receive the item. Maybe it is based on the tracking number of the shipping carrier. Shipping is also free but according to their listings it takes 8-15 Business days However you are given the option to choose express which is 5-8 Business days for some countries, while other stores may not have the express options due to tax rates.

These stores have the highest response rating meaning they have got people monitoring to all of your query they may not respond immediately but they will surely respond within 24 hours. They may not have the best feedback rating maybe because of inconsiderate buyers on ebay.

You may encounter out of stocks, But if you think about it, if there are thousands of listings it is really not easy to manage. As a seller I will make my inventory available to different online stores if that’s the case here it is indeed possible that your inventory runs out faster than of your listings.


USAUSA-Flag UK1024px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg GERMANYgerman FRANCEFlag_FranceAUSTRALIAaustralia_textureCANADAFlag_of_Canada.svgSPAINFlag_of_Spain.svgHONGKONG2000px-Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg


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